Yahoo enhances its mail app for iPAD and Android

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Yahoo has enhanced its mail app for iPAD and Android devices. The updated user interface enables user to full-screen reading mode. The full screen reading mode can be enabled from a button located on the lower left corner of the message. In full-screen reading mode user can go through messages in magazine style.  Also, users can easily make use of gesture control on their devices.

The update details were posted on Yahoo mail blog. Lee Parry, Senior Director, Mobile & Emerging Products said on the company blog.
“Today, we’re excited to introduce the Yahoo! Mail Apps for iPad and Android tablets – a full-screen experience that gets rid of the noise. There are no folders, no buttons, no tabs – just you and your mail – and you can easily flip through it like a magazine. We’ve designed Yahoo! Mail to take full advantage of the tablet making reading your email faster, easier and just a little bit more fun.”

Yahoo mail app update

New features offered by the updated Yahoo mail app

  • full-screen experience.
  • magazine style reading experience.
  • automatically group by sender.
  • Delete unnecessary social media notifications.
  • move important messages into folders.
  • swipe to delete, star, or move all the emails.

Additionally the enhanced mail app supports more languages, Dutch, Greek, Indonesian, Romanian, Swedish, Thai, and Vietnamese. The updated mail app now offers easy way to manage the daily mails. It offers sorting of emails into folders or the archives. Users can get through the next email with just a swipe on the screen.

The new updated mail app will show number of messages from a particular contact. Also, with just a tap users can view all the messages from a particular contact and then delete, star them or archive.

Users can sort the messages easily with split screen view. With new “starred” folder users can find all the starred messages at one place.



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