WP Emoji One plugin adds Emoji to WordPress posts

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Emoji is a great way to express your emotions on social media without using too many words. Emoji can be used in blog articles/posts too and the WordPress has basic set of emoticons. The WordPress emoticons can be enabled from Settings >> Writing, and then checking the check-box next to Convert Emotions. But if you want more appealing and attractive emoticons then you can use WP Emoji One plugin.

Here I am providing a tutorial to install and using “WP Emoji One” plugin.

Installing WP Emoji One

  • Step1: Search and then install the “WP Emoji One” plugin.

Using Emoji with wordpress posts

  • Step 2: Activate the plugin and then goto Settings >> WP Emoji One
  • Step 3: Now WP Emoji One Options page is loaded. Here you will find Basic Settings, where you have to select in which row you want the Emoji button to appear on TinyMCE toolbar. I chose the default 1st row from the options.

WP Emoji One

  • Step 4: Now to see if this works or not, for that you need to create a new post or edit any existing ones.

WP Emoji One

  • Step 5: Now click on the Emoji button and a popup window will be shown up for selecting the desired emoji. You can also choose emoji image size using options. Emoji are available in sizes 16, 18, 24, 32, and 64px.

WP Emoji One

  • Step 6: The emoticons are divided into 4 categories, which you can select by clicking on different tabs. Finally in the snapshot provided below, you can see how the emoji looks in your posts.

WP Emoji One

Currently there are 840 emoticons in the plugin version 0.5.0. The icon set is taken from the open source Emoji One. There is one limitation while using WP Emoji One plugin as emoticons are displayed only in wordpress posts and not in comments.

It is expected that future versions of the plugin will contain more emoticons and also Emoji will be available for comments too.

Please do share if you find similar Emoji related plugins with us via your valuable comments.



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