Improve wordpress blog performance with Image Optimization

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Optimizing wordpress blog counts many things and one of them is image optimization. For a blog that has multiple images as a part of content makes image optimization necessary. For wordpress blogs, image optimization is not a big issue because of its huge repository of plugins.

WordPress Plugins for Image Optimization

WP Smush.It

This plugin is very popular for image optimization. It has been downloaded 500,174 times and rated 4.2 stars as on 23 July 2013. This plugin uses the Yahoo’s service to reduce image size and optimize it.

The most important part is that it doesn’t require any configuration and optimizes every image automatically once uploaded.

WP Image Optimization


Now this plugin works smartly, it generates and serves resized images for the content area of wordpress blog depending upon the content width. This smart image resizing provides faster loading speed for blogs. The configuration is very simple as it requires only three fields of your blog.

  1. your content container.
  2. your break points.
  3. classes to ignore.

Hammy Image optimization


This plugin also resizes automatically, it only resizes the large images which are larger than the configured sizes. It resizes all images automatically upon upload. The plugin requires basically three fields to configure.

  1. Max width.
  2. Max Height.
  3. Jpeg image Quality.

This plugin also features bulk resizing of images.

Imsanity Image Optimization

EWWW Image Optimizer

This plugin also works automatically and resizes the uploaded images. This plugin optimizes the images losslessly, which means image quality is not affected. It includes bulk image optimize feature, means you can also optimize images you have uploaded before installing the plugin. The author provides step-by-step instructions for plugin installation.

IImage Optimization

CW Image Optimizer

This plugin also resizes the images automatically once uploaded on server. It has bulk resizing feature too. This plugin is based on WP plugin, but it uses Linux littleutils image optimization tools for your image optimization.

CW Image Optimization

PB Responsive Images

Responsive images as the name suggests, it fits according to the visitors screen resolution. This plugin is very helpful for wordpress blogs whose visitors are mostly mobile or tablet users. Just install and configure image size, rest the plugin will automatically work on the responsive image part.

PB Responsive Images

Note: Those who are using shared hosting for their wordpress blog should avoid using the bulk image resizing feature for the above plugins as it will not work properly or else will mess up your server.


Above discussed plugins are all rated above 4 stars in the wordpress plugins repository. Before using any of the plugins make sure to read their complete features. Every plugin has its own unique feature, the important thing is what suits best for your blog and what you want.

Image optimization is highly needed for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), since images are responsible for blogs loading speed. As you know faster loading websites or blogs rank better on Search engines. So what are you waiting for ? Just start image optimization with the plugins mentioned above.



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