WordPress 4.0 out there with some exciting features

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Finally WordPress 4.0 is out there and is named “Benny” (named after jazz musician Benny Goodman). The new version consists of some major improvements for smoother writing experience.

WordPress 4.0 Features

  • Improved Plugin Installation Experience
  • Improved Widget Customizer Panel
  • New Grid View for the Media Library
  • Improvements to the Visual Editor
  • Improvements to TinyMCE Views
  • More Support for oEmbed
  • Choosing Your Own Language On Installation
  • Updated External Libraries

Now let’s have a look into the updates and improvements to the WordPress and the benefits to a blogger moving from WordPress 3.9 to WordPress 4.0.

Improved Plugin installation experience

WordPress 4.0 has an improved Add Plugins page with new design modal windows.

Add plugins page - wordpress 4.0

Not only the Add Plugins page improved so also the modal windows design has improved to great extent.

Wordpress 4.0

Media Library Enhancements

Media library has been enhanced to consist grid view of all the uploaded images. Earlier it was really hard to browse out the images.

wordpress 4.0

Further the image attachment details can be seen on the modal windows instead of the separate page. The interface has been improved to a great extent considering much details being visible to the user.

wordpress 4.0

Improved Widget Customizer Panel

Now the old Theme Customizer is changed to Customizer with major API changes. The API changes can be viewed in details from the WordPress Core Blog.

Apart from API changes, there is one more change to notice and that is the addition of sub-panel for widgets. Now while you click the widgets in the Customizer, it will be loaded in a sub-panel.

Wordpress 4.0

OEmbed support with automatic Previews

With wordpress 4.0 you will find several improvements in visual editor. One of them is Embed Previews, with this feature while you paste the URL of any video, say youtube video url in the editor, it will automatically get visible inside the editor. Any oEmbed supported link will get visible automatically.

Wordpress 4.0

Improved Visual Editor

While writing something in the post editor you will find that the scroll bar is no more there. This is a noticeable improvement as multiple scroll bars are removed which were difficult to handle while writing long articles.

One more thing you will find in the visual editor, the menu bar is now sticky. This means the Add Media button and the TinyMCE editor will remain visible on screen and user will not have to scroll up to click them.

Wordpress 4.0

Other Language support adds internationalization to WordPress

When you install a fresh copy of WordPress 4.0 then the first thing you will come across is language selection option.

Wordpress 4.0

Apart from these, you can change your language from the WordPress Settings page too. Goto Settings >> General page and at the bottom you will find Site Language option.

Wordpress 4.0

Updated External Libraries

Following external libraries are updated to their recent versions.

  • Update to TinyMCE 4.1.3
  • Update to jQuery 1.11.1
  • Update to MediaElement 2.15


WordPress 4.0 update no doubt is upto the expectations of its users. Much of User interface improvements have been done. The oEmbed preview feature will be much useful among the bloggers. Now due to improved user interface, searching right plugin is easy and so as media management.

The last version was 3.9 which was released in April 2014 and almost after half year the major version 4.0 is there and it has provided much of the required features to the bloggers.



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