Secure Twitter with Two step Authentication

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Twitter has increased the security of users account by introducing two step Authentication. This feature was announced by Jim O’Leary from Product Security Team on official Twitter blog. Twitter introduced two step authentication to prevent user accounts being compromised by email phishing schemes or a breach of password data elsewhere on the web. Twitter is calling this feature as “login verification.”

Enabling this feature will send a special code to user as SMS text message which user needs to enter for accessing the account. This feature can be enabled from Twitter’s setting page. User will need to verify his/her phone number and also to confirm the email address.

Enable Two Step Authentication feature in Twitter

  • First login to your Twitter account.
  • Goto your “Settings” Page.

two step authentication

  • On Settings page scroll down and find label named “Account Security.”

two step authentication

  • Here you will need to first add your phone number and verify it following the steps further.

two step authentication

  • As soon you have verified your phone number go back to Settings page and head towards the “Account Security” and select “Require a verification code when I sign in.”
  • Now a pop up window will appear saying “Verify your phone can receive messages.” Now hit the button labelled “Okay, send me a message.”

two step authentication

  • Check your phone for SMS and if you received it then click “Yes” button in the pop up window asking “Did you receive our message?”

two step authentication

  • Now enter your Twitter password to confirm the changes.
  • After all these steps you have finally enabled the login verification feature in your twitter account. Now every time you login to your Twitter account you will be asked to enter a six-digit code which will be send via SMS into your phone.

If you are using some third party tools then you will need to create app- specific login verifications.

This feature was much needed as Twitter recently faced many hacking attempts. Many of the high-profile accounts have been hacked already which built some pressure on Twitter to increase its security level.



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