Twitter enhances search and web browsing for its Mobile app

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Twitter updated its mobile app for android and iOS devices along with Twitter has dropped some of previous features while providing improvements to others. The search and the web browsing feature are improved. Twitter enhanced the mobile app to pump up the search and discovery features. With the use of new app it will be much easier to find and view the content on twitter.


Twitter mobile app

Earlier in February, twitter introduce the feature to view old tweets in the search results. Now with the improved searching, the top tweets will be separate from the rest of the search results based on best match for your query based on relevance and engagement.

Twitter mobile app with Top Tweet

Also, tapping on the “View more from this time” will show more tweets from the same time period. Nick Takayama, Software Engineer at twitter suggested to search  “four more years” or “deep challenge” to see an example.

According to Nick Takayama, Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for iPad now features ”

  • Tweets and Web browsing” and “Auto complete”. 

Now when a iphone and iPad user opens a link in his/her timeline, the tweet will be displayed at the bottom of the app’s built in web browser. It will make easier to retweet, favorite and reply while reading an article or watching video.

With improved “autocomplete” feature, now there are more hashtag, topic and username suggestions. This will make make autocomplete suggestions to work more efficiently while we are searching or composing a tweet. The autocomplete suggestions will be updated more frequently and will feel like real time as per Nick Takayama.



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