Top free Web Browsers for Android Smartphones

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There are plenty of web browsers for android smartphones available in the Google Play market. Everyone always gets confused on which web browser to use for his android device to get better web browsing. Every web browser has plenty of features to work. While using some of the web browsers available for free from the Google Play market, I found these were pretty useful.

Web browsers for Android

Opera Mobile Browser

This browser is very popular amongst the mobile users and its available in two versions, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browser.

Opera Mini is targetted for use with low end android devices while the Opera Mobile browser is built for high end devices.

Opera browser consist of Opera Turbo, this feature uses the external servers and routing to compress and optimize data before being sent to the device, making web page loading faster.

It also supports flash, thus browsing experience is like the desktop version.

Web browsers for android - Opera

Dolphin Browser HD

The positive features about this browser is custom gestures which makes it most capable browser available for android phones. Its has support for flash but in Android 2.2 and higher. Its has plenty of Add-ons, making customizing more meaningful. The web browser also has an important feature Webzine, which displays the web content beautifully like a magazine. Webzine combines online publications onto one page, in a series of thumbnails.

Web browsers for android - Dolphin



It is a fully featured and  customizable web browser which features sync to cloud, RSS reader widget, add-ons and tabs. The browser can be very useful with add-ons, File Manager, Screenshot assistant, RSS Feed, Bookmark Backup, Task Manager, Web Snapshot.

Web browsers for android - Maxthon


Its the most appealing and it has minimalist interface, it features smart taps, single-click bookmarks, and a Do Not Track plug-in. The Firefox Sync  helps synchronizing bookmarks, history, passwords, and preferences.

Although multimedia support is not as good as its alternatives.

Web browsers for android - Firefox

Google Chrome beta

Its a very smooth browser with materialistic appearance and speed. It loads most of the websites as desktop browser would, but some are displayed as mobile version. Chrome doesn’t feature a toggle for requesting the desktop sites. Chrome also doesn’t feature a flash integration, in place of that it fully supports HTML5.

The most important thing to note is its tab management, which is same as its desktop version has.

Web browsers for android - Chrome


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