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Microsoft has introduced modern.IE which is aimed for testing the website with internet explorer versions. With currently version 9 and version 10 of internet explorer supports HTML 5  but still internet explorer lags behind. The introduction of such testing tools will help Microsoft in promoting its legacy browser to the worldwide users of Windows operating system. It is very useful utility as in one machine at a time only one version can be installed.


Microsoft has partnership with BrowserStack, which is a leading browser testing service which lets users test their website on any browser on any Windows OS. Modern.IE consist of basically three tools,

  • Scan a webpage- It will test the website code for any potential problem for various versions of internet explorer.
  • Use Virtual test tools- It will test cross-browsing capabilities of a website. This is something where Microsoft has partnership with BrowserStack.
  • Code with Standards- This is a set of guidelines to help build a website which follows all web standards. An article on “20 tips for building modern sites while supporting old versions of IE” is being displayed in this section.

Integrated Website Scanner in modern.IE

The website scanner will report for problems like missing CSS, check for responsive web design practices, out of date libraries (like javascript libraries), compatibility problems. The main motto here is compatibility with cross-browser rather than speed. Now the suggestions will also be provided for fixing the problem.



Integrated Virtual Tools in modern.IE

The Virtual test tools provides free VM images for Hyper-V, Virtual PC, VirtualBox and VMware on Windows, Mac and Linux. As partnership with Microsoft special offer of 3 month free testing with BrowserStack is being offered which will expire January 10, 2014.

BrowserStack lets user view website in different browsers running on virtual machines hosted in the cloud. This is offered through “Hosted Virtualization”.

Microsoft also offers “Local Virtualization”, where Microsoft is providing various virtualization platforms to test like Hyper-V today, VMware, Parallels with each having each Windows and Internet Explorer, with VMs for Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Already internet explorer is known for its bad browser detection and my be this testing feature will help Microsoft to gain the top spot in browser usage.

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