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The motto for a successful wordpress blog is getting high and quality traffic. Now getting traffic is okay, but what about speed ? If your wordpress blog doesn’t load faster, how can you get maximum number of users? Speeding up your wordpress blog will need you to optimize it. With optimization you also need CDN (Content Delivery Network). CDN’s increase the speed and reliability of a wordpress blog while keeping the costs lower as possible. CDN’s also eliminates chances for a website to go down when there is high spike in traffic.

Content Delivery Network or CDN

CDN is a distributed network on internet, deployed in multiple data centers around the globe. CDN delivers the cached contents from a website to the users requesting it. CDN’s work based on geographical locations, requests are fed from the nearest data center according to geographical location. In a CDN, the cached contents of a website is stored in every server situated in various geographical locations. The updates to these servers takes place at the same time. It means all CDN based servers always have the same content to deliver to the user.

For understanding the working, let us take an example. Suppose a user in India opens “technoxpad.com” website via his browser. The hosting server of technoxpad.com is in US. With CDN services active the request will be fed from the nearest country from India where the CDN server is placed. There will be no direct request moving to the US based server. This will release the load on the main server and will certainly improve speed.

Whenever there is high traffic to a server, CDN’s role comes into play. CDN basically stores up the static content of a blog, like images, javascript files and css stylesheets, videos, etc. As you know javascripts, css, images, videos takes lots of time to load. Therefore feeding them to users from a single server will cook that server when there is high span of traffic. While feeding them from multiple locations means less load on server and improved website load time.

Here is a picture showing the list of serverlocation of Cloudflare content delivery network around the globe.

Cloudflare CDN

Need for CDN

Using CDN can greatly improve your wordpress blogs speed. CDN insures you speed, lower bounce rate and seo.

  • Speed: If CDN services are used in a blog then the requests will be handled by nearest server as per geographical location. Thus user will be served as quick as possible.
  • Lower Bounce Rate: As the blog’s loading speed is improved the users will be fed with their request quickly, thus there are very less chances that users will close your blog. As users spends more time in your blog will improve the bounce rate and also the pageviews.
  • SEO: SEO (search engine optimization) is a very important factor for every webmaster. It is clear to every webmaster that faster blogs rank well in Google search. Thus improving speed means you have optimized it for search engines..
  • Less Possibility of crash: It is very hard for a webmaster to see the site going down again and again due to high spells of traffic coming in. Using CDN, traffic gets distributed into multiple servers, therefore the main hosting server will receive less request. This will give less possibility of crash.

There are many CDN service providers around the internet with different price plans based on services. Choosing a particular CDN service totally depends on your budget. Here are few from the list of CDN providers.

  1. MaxCDN
  2. Amazon Cloudfront
  3. Microsoft Azure storage
  4. NetDNA

For a wordpress blog beginner who is on a shared server hosting, you can try out Cloudflare. After all cloudflare is free and it will surely improve your wordpress blog speed. There is a cloudflare wordpress plugin which will take care of everything.

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  • William V.


    Great summary on the use and benefits of a CDN, Tushar!

    It is always good to see someone else other than IT and APM techies talk about Content Delivery Networks. It is not a new concept, but most web content creators (e.g. bloggers) are still not able to fully comprehend the concept/benefits of a CDN.

    You have listed some great CDN service providers and I think they are great for smaller sites. There is also a whole different range of CDN solution providers more focused on larger scale enterprise, ecommerce and application acceleration websites. I work for one myself (CDNetworks).

    I just want to add that most CMSs (e.g. wordpress) offer blog owners a wide range of CDN plugins. The range of features, reach and limitations vary between different CDN solutions and plugins, so there is no one right solution for all. For starters, definitely do some digging in your metrics and know where traffic is coming and not coming from, what type of content is your blog serving, and is plain caching sufficient?



    • Tushar


      Thanks for appreciating my article William. You guessed it right that I mentioned the CDN service providers for smaller sites especially wordpress based blogs.


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