Sony starts experiments with Firefox OS for Xperia E

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Firefox OS which is the latest offering from the browser company got a new technology partner “Sony”. Sony and Telefonica announced that they are evaluating the Firefox for the mobile phones. This information was posted in the Sony mobile developer blog.
Firefox OS on Sony Xperia E
Sony has already started experiments with Firefox OS for its Xperia E. Sony has released a Firefox ROM for developers and enthusiasts with full instructions for installation of the OS on Xperia E. Sony also posted the architecture of the Firefox OS and instructions on how to develop the apps for the OS. As for daily use the ROM is not suitable for daily use as there is no wireless connection and many things may not work well as it is still experimental.

During the MWC,  ZTE Open and Alcatel OT Fire were announced the first smartphones to run on Firefox OS. Now it seems that Sony also intends to focus on the low end market and that’s reason behind choosing Firefox OS.

Sony Developer World team has posted a video on youtube showing off the “Xperia E” smartphone running on Firefox OS. The video shows the home screens, camera, dialing interface and the settings available.

Open web standards coming to mobiles with Firefox OS

Firefox OS indeed a powerful software as it is built entirely using HTML5 and Open Web standards. It’s design allows the HTML5 based application to directly communicate with device’s hardware. The OS is capable of running on much lower hardware requirements.

The power of open web standards can now be seen in smartphone based on Firefox OS. Also the biggest thing of all, Firefox is open source.

As of now Sony is testing the Firefox OS and it will also customize it possibly. Sony is likely to launch the Firefox OS powered smartphones by next year (2014).

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