Skype will feature on Windows 8.1 Start Screen Line-Up

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Skype will now be part of Windows 8.1, as it will be placed on the Start Screen line-up. Skype will replace the the Windows 8 messaging app. Skype blog confirms this and informs users that Skype will come as built-in app in Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 update will be released in October 18.

Windows 8.1 Skype

Benefits of Skype integration in Windows 8.1

Skype provides users with voice, video, and instant messaging experience. It’s a good news for the Skype users which counts in millions. Windows 8.1 integrated Skype app will allow users to answer voice and video calls right from the lock screen.

Skype integration in Windows 8.1

Even in the Windows blog, Ryan Gavin,  General Manager for Microsoft Apps & Services said about Skype integration with Windows 8.1.

Over 300 million people today use Skype for the most personal connections in their lives, sharing those everyday moments big and small across messaging, audio and video calling.

Skype is also already part of Xbox One and offering its users to get in touch with family and friends easily.

Microsoft focusing on delivering “One experience” with Windows 8.1

Microsoft is on mission to provide users with One experience delivered across all devices. Integration of Skype is a part of that One experience theme along with return of the Start button in Windows 8.1.

Skype will join hands with the 20 new or upgraded apps that will launch as part of Windows 8.1. Apart from integration of Skype other apps like Bing, Internet Explorer, SkyDrive,, Xbox Music, Video, and Games will also be part of Windows 8.1.

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