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Google took a forward step by integrating its social networking service “Google+” into Gmail (email platform). Now the question is “Is this integration will help users ?” The answer is yes it will help because this integration means that user don’t need to download and then upload to Google plus. Integration will do it directly for the users.

Users can now post photos directly to Google+. Users can directly share photos which they receive in Gmail. Now re uploading the photos in Google+ is not needed.  That means now the photos can be sent directly to the Google+ Photo album. The Photo album is powered by Picasa (which is also a part of Google service).

Now the new scenario of photo sharing in Google+ is explained in details, below.

Till now users had to first download the photos from their Gmail account. Then users needed to manually upload it to their Google + photo albums. With the integration, now user can directly share into Google + from Gmail. It looks more hassle free.


Once you open the attachment photos in your Gmail account. After opening you will notice photos have a button named Share next to each photo. This Share button allows automatic transfer of Gmail photo to Google+ albums.

Source: Gmail blog

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