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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the key for getting top ranking for a website or blog. Getting into top spot of search results needs one to know the SEO techniques. Top ranking can be achieved by using fair as well as unfair methods. The fair method is the real Search Engine Optimization and also known as “White Hat technique”. The unfair method is known as “Black Hat technique.”

SEO Techniques

Few years back some firms and webmasters used the black hat techniques to get in top rankings. But Google is smarter and it launched Panda and Penguin algorithm updates on the Search results and since then everything changed. The black hat technique using websites were seriously penalized by Google and were out from top ranking list.

In this article I will throw some light on what a webmaster who is new to blogging world should do. I will explain both white hat and black hat techniques. But one should always use white hat seo techniques.

SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO Techniques

Unique and Quality Content

Search engines try to provide the best results for a keyword being searched by user. The best results consists of websites having quality content. While talking about uniqueness, its also necessary as why should search engine show your content ? You need to be specific and unique to catch the audience.

For further explanation lets take an example, consider there are two websites, site A and site B. Site A consists of a single page having contact details of a SEO firm and the 1-2 paragraphs explaining their work. Site B consists of 50 plus pages explaining the work, projects undertaken, client list, SEO related explanations, etc of a SEO firm.

Now think yourself which SEO firm you will trust.  Obviously its site B and this is because of the quality that SEO firm provides through its website.


While writing an article always focus on some keywords. These keywords can be single word or multi-word phrases. Like both “make money online” and “blogging” are keywords. At least 2-3 keywords should be used in an article. These keywords should be evenly distributed in your article. The distribution should be using the page elements and tags. A page consists of important page elements and tags like Title tags, heading tags such as H1, H2, H3, meta tags, links and alt tags.

Remember too many keywords should not be used in an article. You have to maintain a proper keyword density. Maintaining a keyword density of 3-4% is considered among the good SEO techniques.


Getting quality links to your website is something tough to achieve. You need to write a quality content so that people will link to it. There is also another way of getting links is through social networking. You need to optimize your content for social networking websites and also  getting links from other quality websites.

Note: At present Link exchanges is not considered as good way for building links.

Maintain Coding standard

Search engines always skip the parts of the code which have errors or are non-W3C compliant. Coding errors will prevent search engines from crawling your website and it will effect your search ranks too. While you ensure that your website or blog is compliant with W3C coding standards, search engines will properly crawl your content.

W3C or World Wide Web Consortium is an international consortium which develops the web standards. All the websites or blogs have to adhere to its standards. Even all search engines follow the W3C standards and crawl the websites accordingly.

Having your website optimized according to W3C standards is also among the good SEO techniques.
SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO Techniques


Cloaking is a technique of presenting a different content to users and search engines. Cloaking is done through server side scripting. When web-server detects user requests it serves pages of images or Flash while when web-server detects search engine request it serves a page with text and keywords.

Doorway or Gateway pages

These are specially designed pages for search engines and user never sees them. Doorway or gateway pages are basically fake pages which are optimized for particular keywords. These pages deceive users by redirecting them to sites other than they have selected. While on the other hand search engines always get highly optimized page.

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means overusing the keywords in comment tags, alt and meta tags. It also means having hidden text in the content which only search engine sees. Hidden text is done by having font color of text same as that of background, using CSS to position text off screen and also text behind an image.

Link Farming

Link farm is a group of websites that interlink with each other. This is also known as Spamdexing as it is like spamming the index of search engines. The main objective of link farm is to increase the link popularity of a site by increasing the number of incoming links.

Link Farming is considered among the bad SEO techniques because the contents of the websites linking with each other are often related. Google Panda and Penguin updates specially checks the link farms and penalize them.

Now to Conclude

After reading all above, newbie blogger must have known that what thing is needed to get into higher search rankings. Blogger needs to be ethical in terms of writing content and follow the good SEO techniques. Content is always the major and important part of a website, but at the same time it should be optimized with SEO techniques for better visibility. Content quality should be high and always do proper research before writing it. And not to forget follow the webmaster guidelines provided by Google.

Also for better rankings you may hire SEO firms, but remember to check that they are not using black hat techniques. Always remember that Google is getting stricter for people using black hat techniques. Every now and then Google is applying the Panda and Penguin updates.

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