Samsung Galaxy S III : First Look

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The much awaited latest in the “Galaxy” series of smart phones from Samsung, Galaxy S III is finally out in the stores. Samsung Galaxy S III is successor of “Galaxy S II” which created record selling since its launch.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Now days Android devices are much popular than anything and Samsung Galaxy series is leading all alone in the market. Coming onto some specs of Galaxy S III, the smartphone has a screen size of 4.8 inches, which gives better browsing experience.  Loaded with Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels provides maximum clarity. Latest version of Android, Android 4.0.4 and a 8MP camera which provides pictures with  excellent level of detail and very pleasing colours.

Samsung has partnered with “Dropbox”, which would provide the phone owners 50GB of free cloud storage for two years.

Some exciting features which Samsung Galaxy S III has are

  1. Pop up Play, this feature allows user to play a video anywhere in the screen, while doing other tasks simultaneously. This feature removes the need to pause or close the video while replying to an email or text message.
  2. Smart Alert, with this feature the phone will vibrate to notify missed statuses when picked up after being idle. Thus, there is hardly any chance to miss someones text message or to call back.
  3. Direct Call, with this feature when user lifts the phone to his/her ear, the phone will automatically dial the number whose message user was replying or reading. Thus there is no need to goto to options to call the number.
  4. Smart Stay, with this feature the phone recognizes whether user is using the phone and maintains a bright display, eliminating the need to touch the display again and again to keep it awake.
  5. S-Beam, with this feature, user can transfer a 1GB file within three minutes or a 10MB music file within two seconds, by simply touching another Galaxy S III phone. It uses Wi-Fi direct and NFC.
  6. Social Tag, this feature matches people in photos to the profile images on their contact page and then during photo playback it displays their social links.
  7. S-Voice, this feature listens and responds to users commands, thus there is no need to open an application to operate, user just need to say and it wills how up the results.

With all this features it is clear that the latest smartphone by Samsung has lot more human interface enabled than just touch and typing.

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