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Facebook took a step forward for account recovery and introduced a feature called “Trusted contacts.” This feature will protect the user account from hackers. For using this feature user need to select three to five friends who can be contacted in case of account getting locked. This is a enhanced security feature which will make it more difficult for hackers to steal someone’s account.

This feature was announced by Facebook on May 2, 2013. Facebook started testing this feature back in 2011, the only thing is that it has redesigned and improved it. Facebook says in the announcement.

 In 2011, we began testing Trusted Friends, which lets your friends help you if you’re having trouble logging into your account. Recently, we have redesigned and improved Trusted Friends, and it has a new name: Trusted Contacts.

How to use Trusted Contacts Feature

Here is a small tutorial which will explain how to use this enhanced security feature.

  • Login to your account and goto Security Settings.
  • Now from Trusted Contacts section, click Choose Trusted Contacts.

Facebook Trusted Contacts

  • Now a dialog will open “What Are Trusted Contacts ?”. Then click “Choose Trusted Contacts” button.

Facebook Trusted Contacts

  • Now “Choose Trusted Contacts” dialog will open and here choose 3 to 5 friends and click confirm button.

Facebook Trusted Contacts

Now, you need to take some care while choosing the Trusted contacts. Choose only those friends whom you can contact via phone or other means when you are unable to log in to your account. In case you need to recover your account then just contact your friends you selected in “trusted contacts.” Each of them will get security code along with instruction on how they can help you. When you receive the security code from your trusted friends you can enter them into Facebook to recover your account.Facebook Trusted Contacts

Facebook says that with this enhanced security feature user don’t need to remember the answer to security question. Also Facebook wants user to report them in case of account being hacked or compromise, here .



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