Protect your Facebook Album using DMCA Watermark

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With the massive use of social networking, a major point of misuse of personal information cannot be denied. One of the misuse is use of one’s personal picture’s. Using DMCA watermark you can protect your personal pictures uploaded in facebook to a great extent.

Here is the process of how to do it.

  • First goto to the following link and register yourself on DMCA if your are not already registered.
  • To register for new DMCA account, Click Here


  • If you are already have DMCA account then, Click Here


  • After you login, next phase will be Facebook authentication and for that click the “Get Facebook Albums” button.


  •  Now proceed further and login with your facebook account.
  • Now facebook will ask you to allow DMCA app to auto post on your Facebook walls on your behalf. You can disallow it by clicking on the skip button or if you want to allow , then just click the allow button. Although DMCA is a trusted site and allowing it to auto post on your Facebook walls won’t  harm you.
  • Now you will get redirected back to the DMCA site and you will be asked to select an album from a list to watermark. Select the album and follow the instructions. I choose an album named “Sample album” to demonstrate the procedure.


  • Now put the watermark text in the textbox labeled “Watermaked Album Name“. I chose to put my name as watermark, but you can put anything like your company name, place the photograph was taken or anything you want and also let it be default text.


  • Now click the “Watermark this Album” button and click “Ok” on the confirmation dialog. Now DMCA will watermark the pictures in the album and after the completion it will provide a link to the watermark photo album.
  • Now goto that link and approve your photos to post on facebook account.
  • The picture below is the result of the whole process we have followed above step.


In this process you have watermarked the pictures with a “Text” of your choice. You may also add a logo of you choice, but it will cost you a small amount as you will be needed to upgrade your DMCA account.

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