How to make Password protected Microsoft Word doc file

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While you are sending any Microsoft Word document over internet. You need to ensure that the file is secured. Making password protected Microsoft Word doc files is a very easy process. Some of you may not know how to do it, for those here is a tutorial.

Instructions for making password protected Microsoft Word Doc file

  • First, open your Microsoft word document to secure. Click on File from the menu. The snapshot below will help you out.Encrypt with Password in Microsoft Word
  • Now click the Info from the drop down menu. Here again you will be presented with “Information about your document”. Now locate the Permissions. After that click on the Protect Document button. The snapshot below will help you out to locate everything.

Encrypt with Password in Microsoft Word

  • You will be presented with another menu having several options. The options are Mark as Final, Encrypt with Password, Restrict Editing, Restrict Permission by People, Add a digital signature. You need to click on the Encrypt with Password options. The snapshot below will help you out.

Encrypt with Password in Microsoft Word

  • Now a popup window will come up asking you for Password. Enter your password and then again re-enter same password to confirm. This password will serve as Password for opening your Microsoft Word doc file. You will need to share this password along with your doc for viewing.

Encrypt with Password in Microsoft Word

  • Finally save your doc file and it ready to transfer. This file is password protected and you will need to enter password for viewing and editing it.

It is important to note that I am using Microsoft Word 2010, the process for other versions may vary a little bit.

Using this feature will mean safer transmission of your file over internet or by other means. This is a best practice to ensure your important files never get public. Microsoft Word has many capabilities which make it a reliable and secure for the business purposes.

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