Opera redesigned for Android now runs on webkit

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Opera have released new browser for Android powered devices. The new Opera for Android is still on beta stage runs on webkit based rendering engine offers a whole new level of site compatibility.  Opera have dropped the Presto engine which was the basis of the browser since its inception. The new redesigned Opera can be found in Google Play.

Opera for Android features

The browser has been given a new look with complete new user interface which looks more elegant. The redesigned version includes “Discover” panel which sorts the popular articles from the web. Further you can search deeper visiting the pages based on your interest, like sports, technology news, fashion, etc.

Opera for Android

“Speed Dial” page has been revamped and it is now much easier to customize. Now its easy to organize or group the Speed Dial entries. Even now you can drag the speed dial entries into folders.

Opera for Android

There is “Off-Road mode” available in the new Opera. Off-Road mode is the data compression ability, which is available in Opera Mini. With Off-Road mode enabled, the webpages are compressed in the Opera’s servers before being  sent to the devices.


There is also combined search and address bar, which combined the search and the URL field to have more elegant user interface. Just like desktop browser now it offers private browsing and tabbed browsing making it easier to browse, open and sort all the opened browser’s windows.

The browser Save for later is also an important feature, as it lets user download the whole webpage and then read it later while being offline.


Opera has also shared a video on youtube, which shows the new powerful features of the redesigned browser.

The browser is still in its beta stage means that the it needs more testing before the final one is out. If you are Opera Browser fan and used its desktop version, then this is a must ry for your mobile device. Just find it out in the Google Play store for Opera Browser beta.



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