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Now browse the web faster with Mozilla Firefox as it uses less memory, looks like the formation of “MemShrink” team has done their work. The major cause of high memory usage lies in the add-ons. This release stops memory leaks caused by add-ons like the Firebug.


What’s new in Firefox ?

  • Improvements provides smooth and more responsive browsing.
  • The new Firefox version supports compressed textures helping the developers to develop high end graphics games without losing the performance. All this graphics improvement is because Mozilla has worked on the JavaScript engine and enhancements to WebGL.
  • With new JavaScript debugger open, the user will experience the same performance as with the resource disabled. New Debugger also includes remote access.
  • Firefox 15 is available in standard and web based variants and also a slightly lowered down mobile version which work with Android smartphones and tablets respectively.

This news was published in the Mozilla Firefox blog.

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