NFC devices will make communication easy in future

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NFC or Near Field Communication is the new standard for smartphones and it’s predicted that NFC devices will make communication easy in future.

What is NFC ?

In short words NFC is short-range high frequency wireless communication technology. It enable data exchange between devices over a distance of 10 cm. NFC devices data communication protocols and formats are based on the existing RFID standard. So, we can say NFC is an upgrade to existing proximity card standard.

NFC devices

Advantage over Bluetooth

NFC advantage over Bluetooth is the shorter setup time, as the connection between NFC devices is establish at once. There is no need to manually configure and identify the devices in case of Bluetooth.

NFC provides higher degree of security than Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

NFC tags

Basically, tags are small programmed information areas which are embedded on products in retail stores, billboards. Tags can provide more information about product or so, such as in DVD, tag can provide information such as trailers, starcast details, etc.

Since NFC devices can communicate with another which is not battery powered provides great advantage contactless payment systems, mobile payment.

NFC Devices or NFC enabled smartphones

Smartphones which have the NFC can be easily paired with NFC tags to automate tasks.

“Google Wallet” is a services which allows users to store credit card information in a virtual wallet and then with an NFC enabled device pay through Mastercard Paypass transactions. Some countries have even implemented NFC ticketing system for public transport.

NFC in smartphones will give power to have life without carrying payment cards and having secured communication.

The popular android devices have “Android Beam“, it automatically complete the steps during file transfer like, enabling, pairing and establishing Bluetooth connection.

Nokia the leading mobile company also uses NFC technology to pair Bluetooth headsets and speakers with one tap. Microsoft also provides NFC functionality in its Windows phone 8 based handsets. Microsoft provides service “Wallet Hub” for NFC payment.

Blackberry also has support for NFC using Blackberry Tag in its devices running on Blackberry OS 7.0 or greater version.

The Apple has currently not opted to use NFC as feature is absent in its iOS 6 enabled devices.

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