Nexus and Motorola Smartphones to get Android 4.4.3 update

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Google has started rolling out the latest Android 4.4.3 update to Nexus devices. Apart from Nexus devices Motorola smartphones are also getting the update as stated in the Motorola official blog.

android 4.4.3 update

Android 4.4.3 update will hit the Nexus 7(2013 version) first and then followed by other Nexus devices, such as,  Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Nexus 7(2012). Android 4.4.3 will also get updated on Google Play enabled devices. These devices include Google Play edition of Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Play edition of HTC M7 and Google Play edition of HTC M8.


Motorola smartphones to get updated included Moto X, Moto G and Moto E.


Basically Android 4.4.3 update is a performance update that fixes various bugs in user interface and also tweaks it.

For Motorola users Android 4.4.3 update will add some more things like

  • Moto X camera quality will get improved, like improved photos in low light conditions, better exposure and more flash colouring.
  • Moto X and Moto G users will have convenient pause/resume button on the viewfinder.
  • Moto Alert app will now be available on Moto X and Moto G aftert his update. This app is preloaded on Moto E devices.

This update is Over the air and sooner it will be available to all users around the world. So Nexus and Motorola smartphone users needs to be patient for a while as the update is started rolling.

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