Move WordPress comments from one post to another

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Have you ever felt that there should have an inbuilt feature to move wordpress comments from one post to another. Sometimes users tend to comment on random pages and that comment is not relevant to your post.

One more reason to move comments to another post is that if you decide to redirect some of the post to new ones. Redirection is okay for posts but comments don’t get transferred.

Now all these problems relating to moving comments from one post to another can be solved. The solution is Tako Movable Comments plugin.

Features of the plugin:

  • Move all comments across posts, pages, and even posts under custom post types.
  • While moving comments, automatically move all the nested comments under the comment chosen to be moved.
  • Simple mode as post/page can be chosen under a dropdown list.
  • Move comments in bulk.

Tutorial to Move WordPress Comments

First search for Tako Movable Comments plugins and install, activate it.

Move Single comment: Upon activation goto Comments page and click the “Edit” link displayed below the comment you want to move.

Move WordPress Comments from one post to another

Now on the “Edit Comment” page, look below for the section having title “Move Comments with Tako.” Now from this section you have to choose the post type. Here you can choose custom post types too.

Move WordPress Comments from one post to another

Last option is to choose where you want to move the comment. For this, type few words of the post title and it will automatically show up in drop down menu. Once you have selected the post title from drop down menu, press the update button. Now after pressing “Update” button and your comment will be moved to the location you have chosen.

Move Bulk comments:

For moving bulk comments, you need to rearrange the comments. For this, go to the “Comments” page and then use the “search comments,” located on the top right side of the page. Using search find the comments you want to move.

Now you have the comments on screen which you want to move. Select the comments you want to move and then select “Move Comments” from the drop down menu. Now click “Apply” button to begin the bulk move process.

Move WordPress Comments from one post to another

Now select “Post Types” and “Posts” where you want to move, then click the update button. Here you are done finally, moving bulk comments.Move WordPress Comments from one post to another

All the associated nested comments will also move along with your selection.

This is all the process to move WordPress comments from one post to another. Tako movable comments plugin worked the best of what I have found in the wordpress plugin repository. If you find any difficulty, then share it via comments or you may contact me via contact page. Also, if you find any good plugin to do the same work with ease then do share with us.

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