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Now days the use of mobile devices for internet surfing is growing rapidly. Most of the website have already have two versions, one for PC’s and other for mobile devices. As the images and readability render differently in mobile devices. If a website misses for a mobile version then users will simply leave because of high load times and other rendering issues. For WordPress based blogs getting a mobile version of a website is easy with the use of “WPTouch” plugin. It senses when the website is opened in mobile device and transforms the website automatically into mobile version website.

Here are some configuration tips for the WPTouch plugin.

  • First install the plugin.
  • Now move to WPTouch settings page.
  • First part of the settings is the “General Settings “. Here I am sharing snapshot for my blog settings, mostly are default settings because defaults works out great.


  • Configure the Display Options, choosing the various backgrounds, title and header colors. Here is the settings of my blog. I chose low contrast background for more visibility of the articles. You can choose your own background color that suits your blogs niche.


  • The plugin also provides advertising with Adsense option. You need to provide your Adsense ID and Channel. There another box provided to enter your Google Analytics code or have some other CSS and HTML codes to be used for mobile version of your blog.



  • More options will  give you the option to add your custom icon and Logo. It is just adding more things such that the mobile version have all the look and feel of the PC version.

With the above options applied Technoxpad blog looks like somethings below. You can customised your own look and feel for mobile version of your blog.


If you are interested to transform your website into mobile version site and that too without hard-coding then just tryout the “WPTouch” plugin. Its easy and takes almost 5 minutes to have the mobile version of a wordpress blog ready with basic settings.


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