Minify JavaScript and CSS for better loading speed

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Wordpress LogoOptimizing website is always a big challenge and its also a basic necessity for improving the loading speed of a website. The webpage loading speed plays a great role in getting good user experience. For a website or blog, JavaScript and CSS files are always a concern for effecting the loading speed. Minify JavaScript and CSS files will work great as it will reduce the overall page size.

Optimizing the JavaScript and CSS files is recommended because faster websites rank higher in SERP’s.

What in Minify ?

“Minify” means to remove the unwanted characters from the CSS and JavaScript files. These unnecessary characters includes,  white space characters, new line characters, comments and block delimiters.

How to Minify CSS and JavaScript files ?

It can be done manually or using any online CSS, Javascript minify tool. Doing a manual minify is a risk factor and it is recommended for professional webmasters only.

However for wordpress based blogs there are many plugins which can do the optimization. In my case I received better results using Better WordPress Minify plugin. It has received almost 5 star rating and I recommend you to alteast try it once.

To check the difference you can use the Google Page Speed Tool. Check for Page speed score before using the plugin and then again recheck the scores after activating the “Better WordPress Minify” plugin. You will surely see lots of improvement in the score.

Here is my experience with “Better WordPress Minify.” I had a Google Page speed score of 70 without using the plugin.


While checking the Page speed score in Google Page Speed tool, it gave suggestions to Minify CSS and JavaScript files.


After using the “Better WordPress Minify” plugin, I received a huge improvement in the Google Page Speed score. The score after using plugin was 89, which means increment of 19. Also now the loading speed was far better.

Minify Javascript and CSS

This was my experience, now you can also tryout the same and see the difference. You can also try other plugins, one such plugin is WP-Minify. WP-Minify will also provide you better results for your worpdress blog.

Please share your experience with us via comments.



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  • Susan Ellis


    Thanks for the great post. For minifying my JavaScript files, I prefer the online tool on They use UglifyJS to get the compression done. Which gives you a little obfuscation as well. One cool other feature that I have started to use a bunch is the combining of JS files. You can easily upload a bunch of files, it adds them all to a single one, then minifies the JS.

    Keep up the great posts.


    • Tushar


      That’s nice to here from u about getting results without using plugins. I saw the website u mentioned and found it good in terms of compressing the JS files.
      Thanks for info and appreciation.


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