Microsoft retires its Live Messenger Service

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It a bad news for Live Messenger, as Microsoft has decided to retire it. The service will be discontinued on March 15, 2013. Microsoft will migrate the Live Messenger users to Skype as the Microsoft website shows. Look at the snapshot below showing the message from Microsoft.

Microsoft Live Messenger Retires


The messenger service will be only available in mainland china.

Now messenger users will have to download and install the latest version of Skype. Once installed users can login with their Microsoft account and the messenger contacts will be seen in Skype.

The migration to Skype will mean almost 100 million users will be moved. Skype offers voice and video calling facilities and it also integrates with Facebook.

Earlier back in May 2011, Microsoft purchased the VoIP company Skype for $8.5 billion.

Microsoft has already added support to the Skype app which is installed in iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 based devices.

If you are Live Messenger user and have not switched to Skype yet, then its time now to switch. Grab the latest version of Skype from their website,

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