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It now big gun like Microsoft jumping onto social networking. Microsoft  recently launched its social networking website named “”. This social networking service was in a private beta phase since last year, and finally Microsoft has unveiled it to the world.

By default all story and any other data user posted on is public all other users. However if user mark his data as “private” then it won’t be disclosed to everyone on

The motive behind data being public is that public data enables new types of research and experimentation which serves to the primary goal for

The search based social networking allows users to join, follow and even share their favorite moments in images, videos and everything else to promote interaction. is a free service and is available to anyone. Users can login to the service by using their existing Windows Live Id’s or can also use their Facebook Id’s to login. Features

  • Collage: It is comprised of images, links and videos found on the web or uploaded to Socl.
  • Video Party: It is shared video experiences on Socl.
  • Picotale: Part “meme-generator,” part game, Picotales are little stories made by overlaying text on an image.
  • Blink: BLINK apps provide ways to capture, create and share short dynamic media using Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8.

Here is the link to the,

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