Microsoft launches preview version of IE 10 for Windows 7

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Uptill now Internet Explorer 10 was made available with Windows 8. Now Microsoft has expanded access to the IE 10 web browser to support Windows 7. Although Microsoft has launched IE 10 on Windows 7 Preview, which is made download on Downloads page.

IE 10

Internet Explorer 10 (ie 10) preview version includes

The IE 10 version includes security improvements, support for touch, HTML5 and CSS 3 support with a full screen interface. This version of web browser also contains feature which sends “Do Not Track” signal to websites.The “Do Not Track” will ensure privacy of the user and also opting out of receiving targeted ads from websites(especially advertisers) which track user movements.

Window 7 users will feel some limitations with this preview version. The Internet Explorer 10 was originally built to use on tablet PCs and other touchscreen devices. Majority of Windows 7 PC’s are lacking these technologies. This preview version seems to be for the website developers also as they can optimize their website for the new browser.

Microsoft is getting tough competition from the already famous browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. This move will bring Microsoft internet explorer back to market for competition.

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