Mapathon 2013: improve Google Maps in India

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Mapathon 2013, an initiative by Google India. It is first mapping competition in India. The competition is for anybody who lives in India. The official Google blog confirm this event news.

This is the first ever Mapping competition in India.

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Mapathon 2013

Mapathon 2013 competition is open in between Feb 12th – March 25th. The top 1000 contestants will receive Android tablets, smartphones, gift vouchers and Google merchandise.

The registrants will be able to update the maps with Google Map Maker. The entries submitted will be verified by Google and  will be included in Google Maps. The improvements can be addition of new location and updation of sites already listed in Maps.

Mapathon 2013

Map Maker is a easy to use tool that allows the users to add details into Google Maps with just a few simple clicks. Users need to select a specific area and then add new information and also edit the existing information. And with just another click the information can be save and submitted.

Map maker is a tool with drop-down menu. The drop down menu allows to choose between places, roads/rivers/railways, natural figures/political boundaries. Also the tool will allow drawing outlines of structures.

mapathon 2013

Google Map Maker tool was developed for improving maps and it was conceptualized in India more than 4 years ago. This was a initiative which taken by Google engineers and now it is used worldwide.

With this competition Google aims to improve the the maps building better maps taking help from users.

Those who are interested can participate from Mapathon 2013.

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