Easy Way to Manage Multiple WordPress blogs

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Do you have multiple WordPress blogs, then you might be facing the problem to managing them. Although WordPress is a very popular platform and WordPress bloggers can do almost anything using plugins.

Every blogger want to find the easy way to manage multiple WordPress blogs. I tried many of the available services and finally came across CMS Commander

About CMS Commander (Multiple WordPress management service)

CMS commander is a WordPress management service that lets blogger manage their multiple blogs from just single Dashboard. So instead of signing in to different blogs for updates, just do your task from one dashboard. This would help bloggers save the precious time to promote their content or else think about some creative contents.

Save Time with CMS Commander
CMS Commander: Manage Multiple WordPress blogs

CMS Commander Features

CMS Commander consist of many features for better management.

Manage WordPress

  • Click Updates: Install latest WordPress version, update all plugins and themes with a single click.
  • Bulk Posting: The built-in editor of CMS Commander lets blogger create posts or pages on any number of blogs.
  • Bulk Install Plugins: Install, activate plugins on any number of blogs at a time.
  •  Copy Blog Settings: Copy WordPress settings from one blog to another.
  • Manage User Accounts: Bulk create or delete users on multiple WordPress blogs.
  • Manage Content & Comments: Easily publish draft on all your blogs, approve or delete comments and clear out spams from multiple blogs.

Backup & Clone

  • Automatic Backups: Insures full backups of blogs in regular intervals for recovery during worst situation.
  • Easy Restore: If something goes wrong then easily restore your blog from automatic backups.
  • Multiple Backup Destinations: CMS Commander can automatically save backups to your server, your email and upload them to FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3.
  • Clone Websites: Easily make clone of one WordPress blog including its content, files and settings into a new domain.
  • Create New WordPress Sites:  CMS Commander makes it possible to create new WordPress sites on your server with pre-configured settings and with your favorite plugins installed and activated.

Create & Optimize Content

  • Many Content Sources: CMS Commander supports over 20 different sources that provide diverse content for your sites, including videos, photos, product ads and more. The sources are, Amazon, Article Builder, Avantlink, Big Content Search, Commission Junction, eBay, Eventful, Expedia, Flickr, Google News, Indeed, iTunes, Linkshare, Oodle, Photobucket, Pixabay, Prosperent, Recipe Buddy, Rotten Tomatoes, Shopzilla, Skimlinks, Vimeo, Yelp, Youtube.
  • Bulk Content Posting: Use any of the sources to assemble new articles and publish them on any or all of your blogs with CMS Commander’s unique bulk editor.
  • Autoposting & Schedule Posting: Create number of articles and post them at regular intervals.
  • Bulk Edit Posts: Edit any number of post simultaneously.
  • Import Content: Load .csv datafeeds, articles from text files or whole RSS feeds into CMS Commander, mix or edit their content, and then post the result to your sites.

Monitoring & Statistics

  • Backlink count tracking
  • Uptime & pagespeed monitoring
  • Google Analytics Network stats


  • Secure SSL: All communication between blogs and CMS Commander is made through encrypted SSL connection.
  • NO Password: User no need to enter WordPress admin password everytime. All communication is made by the plugin.
  • 2-Factor Authentication: With 2-factor authentication activated a unique message needs to be entered each time you want to log in. The message is displayed on your cellphone, so even if someone else knew your CMS Commander account password he would not be able to login.

And there is more…

So just try this service, after all its free to try atleast !

Save Time with CMS Commander



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