“Let it Snow”: Google Christmas Easter Egg

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It looks like Google is all in festive mood this Christmas, a new Easter Egg is out there to get us all in festive spirit. While you open the Google search, just type “Let it snow“, then you will see that snow flakes will start falling gently from the top of the screen. The screenshot below shows the effect.

Here are the screenshots showing the effect of “Let it Snow”

Let it Snow

Let it Snow

Now when the screen is is covered full of fog, you can write anything you want on the screen with the cursor of your mouse. I wrote “Hi! There“, which can be seen in the screenshot below.

Let it Snow

Now you might be thinking that how to work on this foggy screen, well Google has taken care of that too, at top of screen you will see a button “Defrost“. Using this defrost button all the snow and the foggy screen will clear out getting you back to the search page.

Let it Snow

Its a Christmas and New Year welcome gift from Google to its users. Google now days quite often rolling out such tricks to entertain its users.

It was just last month when Google added an Easter Egg called “Do A Barrel Roll” causing the screen to rotate in 360 degree spin. Read the related article here, “Do a Barrel Roll” to spin Google search page 360 degree.

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