IPv6 internet addresses now available in India

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IPv6 which is the recent version of internet addresses is being issued in India. The Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers (IRINN) is issuing the IPv6 addresses. The problem of limited address which was faced using the IPv4 addressing scheme will not exist. Even now having plenty of addresses, each internet user can be issued an IP address using IPv6 addressing scheme. This will make it easy to identify the users by security agencies monitoring the internet for illegal activities.


There are five five authorized bodies for issuing IPv6 Internet addresses

  • ARIN issues in regions, Canada, United States, some Caribbean nations.
  • RIPE NCC issues in regions, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Central Asia.
  • APNIC issues in regions, Asia-Pacific region.
  • LACNIC issues in regions, Latin America, some Caribbean nations.
  • AfriNIC issues in regions, Africa.

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) has recognized the IRINN to issue to IPv6 addresses in India.

Why we need IPv6 ?

As of today the devices accessing the internet has increased rapidly with the advancement in technology. All devices are running on IPv4 internet addresses. Due to this IPv4 addresses are running out. The solution to this was a new addressing scheme having much larger address space and high security. This is where IPv6 internet address come into scene.

Advantages of IPv6

  • Large IP address space: It has 128 bit address space which is 4 times the address space provided by earlier Ipv4 (which was 32 bit).
  • High Security: It has inbuilt security feature which looks after encryption and authentication.
  • Better Flow Mechanism: It includes a a flow label mechanism which helps router to better understand where to send the packets.

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