Internet Explorer 10 will have Flash as Default with new update

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Microsoft has rolled out new update for Internet Explorer 10. The update enables Flash content to run by default on Windows 8 and Windows RT powered devices.

Internet EXplorer 10 now supports Flash

What will this Internet Explorer 10 update deliver?

This update will deliver the true experience of Flash content by default. Microsoft now believes that majority of websites having Flash content are now compatible with Windows experience. The Windows experience includes for touch, performance and battery life.

Although the Flash will still be unavailable for some websites that are incompatible with Windows experience. Microsoft says that “popular Web sites require Adobe Flash and do not offer HTML5 alternatives”. This reason made them to work with Adobe and deliver the Flash player that is optimized for Windows experience for for touch, performance, security, reliability, and battery life.

The news for the update was published on the internet explorer blog by Rob Mauceri, Internet Explorer Group Program Manager. The news was published on March 12, 2013 and stated.

Starting tomorrow, we are updating Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 and Windows RT to enable Flash content to run by default. On Windows 8, all Flash content continues to be enabled for IE on the desktop.

This means the updates will be available from today (13 March 2013) onwards.

For Windows 8, desktop only internet explorer 10 will run all flash contents. Internet Explorer 10 will now utilize the Compatibility View (CV) list to disable sites found incompatible with immersive Internet Explorer 10.

Help for Developers

Microsoft has posted a document on its MSDN which provides the details of criteria Microsoft uses for placing a site in the Flash CV block list. The guidance document is titled “Developer guidance for websites with content for Adobe Flash Player in Windows 8 (Internet Explorer).” The guidance document includes details about Compatibility View list and also a testing tutorial for preparing Internet Explorer compatible site.

Rob Mauceri, Internet Explorer Group Program Manager also stated.

Also, starting tomorrow, modern.IE enables testing whether or not your site is on the curated Flash CV block list.

This will greatly help the developers to test their website for compatibility.

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