Integrate Google Analytics in WordPress for better traffic analysis

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For a successful blogger monitoring of blog is an important thing, which can be done with Google Analytics tool. Google Analytics tool provides the way to monitor site statistics on the basis of traffic generated. This tool comes into most important category as it is free.

Google Analytics

Analytics tools helps you to analyze your visitors, like.

  • Finding the geographical location you are getting most of the traffic.
  • How long a user stays on your site , also getting the bounce rate (percentage of visitors exits after first visit).
  • Get the peek time when your blog gets the highest traffic.
  • From where the user came, like Search Engines, Direct Links, Referral links, etc.

How to start analyzing with Google Analytics ?

To start analyzing you need to create Google Analytics Account. For that visit, the Analytics page.

If you already have Google account then just login with your id. And if you don’t have then just create one.

Google Analytics

Now just click the sign up button and then you will move to the next screen for providing the blog details. Now fill out the details like website name, website url, Industry category, time zone and other details. Fill the form carefully.

Google Analytics

At the bottom there is button labeled “Get Tracking id”. Press the button and move to next screen.

Now you can see something like “This is your tracking code. Copy and paste it into the code of every page you want to track.” Just copy the code and then follow the further installation instructions.

Installing the Google Analytics Code

Method 1: Direct Paste method

Now the code you copied from the above process needs to be pasted into the footer.php page of your blog. In footer.php page, find the </body> tag and then paste the code just above the tag.

Method 2: Using plugins

You can find plenty of plugins from the wordpress plugins directory. From there search for “Google Analytics” and you will get many plugins. Install a plugin and goto plugins settings page and place the Google Analytics code there (follow the installation instruction of the plugin).

Once you have placed the Analytics code using any of the above methods, you now need to wait for a sometime (12 hours at max). Receiving the stats for first time will take a little longer.

Login to your analytics account and you will be shown your wordpress blogs stats. On the left pane you will have various options to choose. Select one of the options and start analyzing about your traffic.

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