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With all new Facebook you might be searching a way to hide your friend list from the outer world just to ensure your privacy is safe. Users can hide Facebook friend list from the profile page. Hiding friend list will mean that no one will be able to view your friends, but the mutual friends will still be visible.

Tutorial to hide Facebook friend list

  • Open Facebook and login into your account.
  • Now look into the top right corner where your “Facebook display name is written”.
  • Click on that to open your profile.

facebook friend list

  • Now your profile page is opened, at the center look for “Friends” link and click on that.
  • Your Friends page will open up. 
  • Now again look to the top right side, and locate the Edit Button. 
facebook friend list
  • After you click the “Edit” Button a message box will popup.
  • Click on the small down facing arrow as shown in the figure below.

facebook friend list

  • After clicking you will get options like “Public”, “Friends”, “Only Me” and  “Custom”.
facebook friend list
  • Choose from the various options or else use custom to add specific people to view your friend list.
  • Now press the “Close” button and here you have successfully hided your friend list.

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