Hashtag and Link Preview support for Google+ for Android

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It’s a good news for the user of Google+ who use to log in with their android device, as the Google+ for android now has ‘hashtag’ and ‘link preview’ support. Another step from Google to make Google+ more user-friendly. The Google+ app for Android was updated in the Play Store to bring few notable changes.


The addition of hash(#) symbol in front of any word became popular on Twitter and Instagram and now Google gives the same for its users.

 How Hashtag are helpful in Google + ?

Hashtags are of great use in the Google + because it helps user to find posts that use them. To use this feature user will need,

  1. to start typing hashtag with # symbol.
  2. At the end of hashtag press space or tab key.

This feature is of great use for article writers as using them in between article will provide additional details to that article.

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