Google’s GDrive is finally there

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“GDrive” which was long rumored cloud based service is finally came to existence. Google has official launched its cloud based service “GDrive”, through which one can create, store data and share easily. It supports storage of videos, photos, Google Docs, PDFs and many more.


GDrive Features

  • Powerful Search: It recognizes objects in your images and also text in scanned docs.
  • Various File type support: GDrive supports 30 file types, so access various files even your HD video right from browser.
  • Chat support: Users can connect with others by chatting right inside Docs, sheets and slides. Users can also leave comments on files and images.

Users can install Google Drive on their Mac’s and PC’s. Also user can install the apps on their Android phones or tablets. Google is currently working working drive app for iOS devices.

With GDrive working on real time documents, spreadsheets and presentations is possible now, as the Google Docs is built right into Google Drive.

Get the access to Google online cloud storage from here.

Google is offering 5 GB free for its users while user can purchase additional storage as,

  • 25GB for $2.49/month
  • 100GB for $4.99/month
  • 1TB for $49.99/month

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