10 Google Reader alternatives as worthy RSS Reader

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Feed IconAfter the announcement to end the Google Reader by 1 July 2013, Google left in pain everyone who loves reading the RSS feeds via Google Reader. Users are left to search for better Google Reader alternatives to continue reading RSS feeds from various website and blogs.

Although there is nothing to worry about as there are plenty of Google Reader alternatives available on internet. All you need is to identify which one suits you the best. I also search the internet and came out with a list of 10 Google Reader alternative. The alternatives I found had useful features and ability to customize the display. Many of them support all platforms, like mobile version (android, iOS) and desktop version.

10 Google Reader Alternatives

  1. Feedly – It’s a better option as Google Reader alternative. Feedly runs on Chrome and Firefox with extensions for the desktop version. It can be used in mobiles also as it supports, Android and iOS. The Feedly blog has also posted the smooth transition from Google Reader to Feedly.
    Feedly - Google Reader alternative
  2. The Old Reader – Practically speaking it’s interface looks similar to Google Reader. It lets you login with your google account and then import your feeds. It also lets you login with Facebook account, but bottom side is there are no apps. It will just serve you as a simple Google Reader alternative.The Old Reader - Google Reader alternative
  3. NewsBlur – This reader is something that will make you go for it, even I liked its interface. The reader is available for web and also Android and iOS versions. Although it not fully free, the free accounts will provide at max 64 feeds. The unlimited subscription will cost you $1 a month.NewsBlur - Google Reader alternative
  4. Flipboard – It’s a magazine style reader available for iOS, Android and kindle Fire users. The feeds are image based and its attractive too providing you news in magazine style.Flipboard - Google Reader alternative
  5. Pulse – It’s another image focused reader which is available for web, Android and iOS. The look is pretty attractive, magazine style look let you organize by use of multiple columns.Pulse - Google Reader alternative
  6. NetVibes – It is a web reader that will provide many customization options. It has a dashboard which allows to create and organize widgets for specific feeds. It can look magazine style or a simple newspaper style reader, all as you customize. The only negative is that it doesn’t have any mobile apps.Netvibes - Google Reader alternative
  7. Bloglines – It provides you to track blogs and websites in realtime. It enables you to customize from its Dashboard with multiple view options, drag and drop organization, and exclusive widgets. It was once very popular, but now after the end of Google Reader, Bloglines still is a good Google Reader alternative.
  8. NetNewsWire – It is a RSS reader for Mac, iPad and iPhone users. It a simpler and yet powerful reader for iOS users.
  9. Zite – A perfect magazine I can say looking at interface it provides. Its available for Android and iOS users. Whether you like blogs, videos or article, Zite will help you discover everything.Zite - Google Reader Alternative
  10. FeedReader – It reads, collects, and organizes your RSS feeds and delivers it to your desktop. It is a  fully customizable  for getting more specific information as needed. It will serve as a good Google Reader alternative.

Its no doubt that there are more RSS readers available on internet which can serve as best Google Reader alternative. I gave you the list that I felt useful. If you find something that’s not in the list and yet very useful with customization features, then share it via comments.



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