Google Play web store redesign to match its Android counterpart

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The series of updates from Google is unstoppable now days. In the latest updates, Google Play web store redesign took place. The new design looks similar to the Android counterpart of Google Play. The new design is more appealing because it has more colors and the navigation is easier.

This update was announced on Google+ post. You can visit the Google Play web store and will see a welcome message saying.

We’ve changed a few things…

Google Play has a new design to make it easier to browse and discover new favorites.

Google Play web store redesign brings up some clean and clear interface

Google Play web store redesign

Pretty User Interface

The new user interface is quite cleaner and appealing. The loading is faster as it is using the AJAX. After going to the Apps page, the options are home tab, top charts and new releases tabs.

In this Apps page you will also find “My apps” which shows all apps installed on your devices. The sad part is that there is no option to see what apps are installed on each of your devices.

Wishlist addition

This is something to watch out in the Google Play web store redesign version. Now wishlists are no longer restricted to devices. Users can view as well as edit the wishlist through web store. Now each of the apps have a wishlist button that can be used to add or remove the app into the list. The wishlist link is visible from the main page of Play store.

Apps Screenshots

The screenshots are bigger now and are contained in a scroll able list. While scrolling when you click one of the screenshots, it expands into big one providing better view. Google Play web store redesign


I search for “twitter” apps from the tops bar, the results were displayed in a nice tabular page containing 48 apps. There is no next or previous buttons while searching for apps, the search results are limited to 48 results only. For more results you need to sort the results.

Google Play web store redesign


Overall Google Play web store redesign seems to have focused more towards cleaner and appealing display, to match the Android version. Wishlist addition was something to watch for. There are lots of things added as well as many are missing.



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  • Carl


    TIP: If you want to see more than the default 48 results on the Google Play Web site, just add:


    to the end of the URL that is generated in the address bar by your original search.

    Also, the 48-result limit pertains only to the Web site, not to searches made of the Google Play store using the Google Play Android app.


    • Tushar


      Thanks Carl for giving the solution to see more results.


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