Google Play redesigned having cleaner UI

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In the latest app updates to Android, Google has redesigned the UI of Google Play. The latest Google Play will be available for android based smartphones and tablets. The news version is 4.0.25 which is a major update. The new version consists of big images, new fonts and obviously a clean look user interface. Google has announced this update on its official android blog.

Google Play redesigned

Google Play new features

  • bigger images that jump off the page
  • simplified purchasing
  • Similarly themed content is grouped together
  • As you move down the page, new recommendations continue to appear.

Google Play redesigned

The latest Google Play will be available for android smartphones and tablets running Android 2.2 and above.

The redesigned UI provides simple, dialogue based purchase allowing users to buy item, while having context of the app active behind the instructions. It means as soon as the purchase is complete user can return to the place they left from. This is a great move by Google as now users can taste the billing in-app making purchase more faster. Google has updated the checkout experience for this purpose.

The grouping of similar themed content together will make it easier for user to find out easily what he/she is looking for.

Google earlier also removed some of the apps which are dead from its Play store to provide only the best apps being available to its users. This is also a great step towards better user experience.

Google Play redesigned

It can be clearly seen that Google’s motto behind this major update is providing a better user interface experience.



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