Google Keep Chrome app available at Chrome Web Store

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Google launched Chrome app of its note taking tool “Google Keep.” Google Keep is a mobile-to-do list app for the Android devices. This tool lets user keep notes, lists, pictures and even voice notes. Google stated this launch on its official Chrome Blog. In Chrome blog Eddy Mead, a Google Software Engineer stated.

“Last month, Google Keep launched to help you quickly jot down ideas and keep track of things while on the go with your Android device or on the web. Today, with the launch of a new Chrome app, Google Keep is even easier to access on your computer using Chrome.”

The note taking app also works offline, means while you are not connected to internet, you can still add notes. The notes will get synced once you are connected back to internet.

It is important to notice that the web app is not an extension to Chrome. It is separate from Google Chrome and works even when the browser is closed.


The mobile version of the app is available for devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above. The PC version of the tool can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store.

About Google Keep

Launched in March 2013, Google Keep is a free tool available at Chrome Web Store and Google Play for Android devices. This tool helps creating, saving and syncing notes. It has the ability to let you add photos to note and also add voices to note. Their are several negative factors too as you will not get an image editing tool and there is also no font option.



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