Google Analytics for Android released

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Google has launched “Google Analytics” app for its android platform. This means a lot to the bloggers, website administrators and webmasters. Now they can stay updated with statistics via their smartphone. Although the app comes with some limitation as most of the functions will not be available. The app has less functions compared with the web version of “Analytics” service.

Google Analytics always served a useful service to analyze the traffic type, user behaviour, medium used by users, popular pages, keyword activity and many things which are needed to make a quality website. Now with Analytics app coming to android will help out web developers to check out stats while they are on road.

google Analytics for Android

Google Analytics for Android

The app shows the realtime data, which means it will show the number of active visitors currently browsing the website. It will also show the type of medium, users are coming (like,  Direct, Referral, Organic, unknown).

Dashboard:  It displays the line graph for Daily Unique Visitors and Goal Conversion Rate.

Alerts: Two type of alerts are there, customized and automatic alerts.

  • customized alerts: It shows alerts based on benchmarks set by user.
  • automatic alerts: It shows overall bounce rate, average visit duration, country visits, percentage of new visits and other data.  Alert is shown whenever there is deviation from the norm.

The app can be downloaded from the “Google Play” store of your smartphone.

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