Google adds voice instructions into Navigation app

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Google has expanded its Maps Navigation app by adding Voice guided turn by turn directions.This facility will be available in thousands of towns in India.As of now it was the most demanded feature in India and Google has finally provided the service. This feature will help while driving in densely populated area across India, which counts major metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai , Bangalore, etc.

Google navigation app

Earlier with navigation app only route was shown and no voice instructions were provided. Now after getting support for voice instructions driving will be quite easy. Currently Navigation app is a part of Android devices and its in beta stage.

Benefits of Voice instructions in Navigation app

  • Turn-by-turn voice instructions.
  • In case of deviation by user the app automatically reroutes the co-ordinates.
  • Users can select whether they want walking instructions or driving instructions.

Google also brought transit to several cities in India. This facility is based on the data provided by the public transport authorities like Delhi Metro. According to this user can get information regarding the routes covered by buses or trains and the time to get boarded. Currently transit facility is available in cities, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

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