Gmail to get new tabbed inbox and auto organize incoming mails

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Google is making big changes to its products in recent time. Now its Gmail which received some major changes as it will now feature new tabbed inbox. The new redesigned inbox will automatically organize the incoming mails into groups. These groups will be in the form of tabs like “Primary”,”Social”, “Promotion”, “Updates” and “Forums”. All the incoming mails will be automatically sorted into these five tabs (or groups) allowing users to quickly switch between different categorized emails. These five tabs are fully customization and easy to use for touchscreen devices.

This feature was announced in the official Gmail blog by the Gmail Team.

Gmail new tabbed inbox

Groups in the new tabbed inbox

  • Primary category will contain all the mails from your friends, family and those which cannot be grouped into other categories.
  • Social category will contain all the notifications, alerts and messages from social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Promotion category will contain all the offers, discount coupons and promotions of products related emails.
  • Updates category will contain confirmations, receipts, bills and statements.
  • Forums category will contain emails from discussion boards, online groups, etc.

The categorization will be done automatically into groups discussed above. If the categorization goes wrong then you can drag and drop that mail into the appropriate category. Also user can set the emails from specific senders to always move into specific category.

In the Gmail for android and Gmail for iphone and ipad apps, user will see Primary mail on opening the app then user can navigate to other tabs easily.


Note: If you don’t feel the categorization good then you can always switch back to classic view.

With the new tabbed inbox feature user can choose from five tabs to display, but cannot create custom tabs . The redesigned new tabbed inbox is more mobile friendly as its optimized to be more touch friendly.

The new tabbed inbox feature will be rolling out gradually by Google. It will be available for desktop, Android and iOS versions users. Those users who can’t wait for the web update can check the Settings menu which is located on top of mails as gear icon for “Configure inbox” option.

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