Gmail storage raises to 10 GB

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It’s happy time for the gmail users as Google has raised the gmail storage from 7.5 GB to 10 GB. This expansion came along with the launch of much awaited Google based cloud service “GDrive”. “GDrive” service is for storing the documents, photos, videos, and other files in the cloud. It is also an important service Google has started.

Gmail with 10GB storage

Over 8 years, starting 2004, gmail storage gradually increased from 1GB to now 10 GB. Keeping the need of users Google has consistently provided the storage space. Now it is a ten times increment in 8 years. For those who wanted more space and were planning to purchase additional storage, this is a great news for them.

gmail storage raises to 10GB

This increment will provide space to archive more emails and attachments in an account. The 10GB expansion is a huge for an ordinary user, as simple text based mails uses less space.

Google is making sure that user never have to delete the old email messages again.

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