Gmail Mobile web app gets new refreshing look

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Google announced today (on March 11, 2013) that its updating the Gmail Mobile web app and the Gmail Offline with a new refreshing look. The enhanced user interface is inspired from its iOS apps. The new releases is available for Android, BlackBerry,  iOS, and Kindle Fire users. If you want to check out the updated user interface, then just type ‘’ on your mobile’s browser.

Gmail mobile web app gets refreshed look.

This redesigned UI announcement was posted on google plus profile. Here is the announcement copy.

 Since launching the rebooted Gmail app for iPhone and iPad in December (, we’ve heard from many of you that you like the redesigned UI, along with new features such as improved search and integration with Google Calendar.Today we’re rolling out a similar refreshed look to the Gmail mobile web app as well as Gmail Offline ( that includes many of these same changes. Try it out at in the browser of your Android, iOS, Blackberry or Kindle Fire device.

Along with the new enhanced UI, Google has also enhanced its features too. The redesigned UI will have an improved search and integration with Google Calendar.

As we know Google is always keen towards having good user experience and it updates according to user needs. This time it was for the mobile users to get the Gmail mobile web app design update from Google.

Along with the mobile app, the offline app for Chrome will also get the same kind of update. The Gmail offline is currently in beta mode, you can get the offline app from Chrome Web Store.

The offline app lets you manage yours emails while you are offline. With offline app you can read your emails, respond to them, search them and also archive them. Once you are connected with internet the offline app saves all your actions done while you were offline.



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