Gmail compose window to go full screen mode

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Gmail user to get a new feature from Google which will enable to compose emails in a better way. Google is improving the Gmail compose window, enabling full screen mode for composing emails. Once the full screen option is enabled, it will bring the full-screen compose window in the center of inbox.

This news was shared on the Google+ on July 19, 2013. Few months ago Google updated the compose window which lets user compose emails without leaving the inbox.

Gmail compose window features full screen mode

Google has started rolling out the new full screen compose window option. So, if you don’t find the option then don’t worry Google will provide it within next few days.

Gmail Compose Window Full Screen option features

  • Clear Display of fonts and texts.
  • Formatting toolbar will be shown by default.
  • Full screen compose window will be centered in inbox.
  • Make full-screen default by selecting “Default to full-screen”.
  • To open full-screen compose box in new window, just use shift and click the expand button.

Gmail is making lots of changes to the Gmail user interface to have better user experience. This year it started with new compose window, then tabbed interface and now full-screen window. In short, Google has improved Gmail a lot updating it with required features in user interface regularly.

Earlier, when user clicked the compose button, a popup window used to appear on the bottom-right corner of the inbox. Now that can be changed permanently to full-screen experience.

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