Gmail adds image caching making it more secure

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As of now Gmail asks you before opening any image. But from now on Gmail will automatically show the image. The reason behind hiding the image before was that images were hosted on third-party servers. As you know Google is very much concerned over user security, so it wasn’t showing the images and asks you every time before opening them. Now Google has introduced image caching to provide secure and safe browsing of emails.

Google has made some changes and from now on all the images will be served through Google’s own secure proxy servers. Emails now will be as safe as it earlier used to be only the difference is that the images inside the email will be checked for known malware.

Now the email will be more beautiful as image will show up and safer too with the addition of image caching.

Gmail adds image caching

For those who don’t like this image caching stuff from Google, can switch back to old method. Below it is explained how they can do that.

  • Open your Gmail account by logging in.
  • Now click the General Settings Tab on the right-side.

gmail-image-caching (1)

  • Here you will find “Settings” link. Click that.

gmail-image-caching (2)

  • Now you are on the Settings Page, look below for various settings options. Here you will find settings for images, check the radio button “Ask before displaying external images.”

gmail-image-caching (3)

  • Here you have changed the settings to default (as previous).

This change is applicable to all users, desktop and mobile users (both android and iOS). This was announced on the official Gmail Blog post, Image Now Showing.

How Image Caching Works in Gmail ?

The images contained in the email are downloaded from the original source and then stored on Google’s Proxy Server. Now as the Proxy Server downloads the images thus it also checks for any malware content in it. In this way the images are viewed only once from their original resource, after that those get stored on Google Proxy server.

As Gmail users open up the images in email, the cached images in the email will be displayed from the Proxy Server.

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