Facebook redesigns News Feeds optimizing user interface

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In an event of changes, Facebook has now revamped its News Feed. The new design has optimized the user interface, which is more friendly for mobile phones. The new design separates the content into multiple categories, such as photo, music and others. The idea behind the multiple feeds is to give user more control over the stories and posts being displayed on their news feeds.

Facebook News Feeds

The new design gives the feeling like reading a newspaper. The articles are now bigger which includes full summary along with logo of publication. Facebook has also worked on third party content, to look more attractive. Also wherever you go your friends will never miss whee you have been.

More details about Facebook redesigned News Feeds

  • Feeds based on contents: Now you will have the option to choose what specific feed you want to see. You will have several choices to see specific feeds.

Facebook News Feeds

  1. Most Recent: It will show you the most recent feeds from your friends and applications.
  2. All Friends: This will show you everything your friend is sharing, like status messages, links, etc.
  3. Photos: This will show the photos you like.
  4. Music: This will show the music you listen to, music that your friends listen to and the information related to artist you like on Facebook.
  5. Following: This will show the people or celebrities you are following and also the pages you like.
  6. Games: This will provide the latest feeds from different games you or your friends play (like Farmville, Angry Birds, etc) on Facebook.
  • Revamped visual: The photos will now look bigger, like the thumbnails will now look bigger. Also the photos you or your friends like or you share Facebook will now look much bigger. Now you can see the cover photo also and not just the profile picture of your friend.

Facebook News Feeds

  • Third party Feed revamped: Now the links published by online websites will have longer summary along with logo of the publisher in the corner and bigger thumbnail. Now when you share pictures from pinterest, they will be bigger.

Facebook News Feeds

At present the new revamped version of Facebook New Feeds is not available to all. The new design is available to couple of users only, as Facebook is testing the new feeds. If you want to try your hands on it then just visit this Facebook News Feed Page and sign up.



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