Facebook may launch “Reply-to-comments” feature

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It looks like Facebook wants to go for complete makeover for its social networking website. Recently facebook added the one-column timeline design feature and sound alerts notification. Now news is that Facebook is testing for Reply-to-comments feature.

facebook reply-to-comments

Reply-to-comments benefits

Until now users needed to comment every time to post even if they are replying to a comment. But with this feature introduced users can add comments to a comment. This will make it clear that who is talking to whom in a post or status. Earlier every comment was being made to the original post thereby it was problem to figure out to whom comments were made.

Currently, there is only Like link underneath the comment, after this feature is introduced there will be Reply link too. When combined together, reply-to-comments, sound notification and one-column timeline design, facebook will sure provide ultimate user experience.

There are benefits in having this feature, but this may also turn Facebook posts into complicated message boards.

This news was shared on inside facebook, which reports that the threaded comments are currently limited to pages. User personal post will still have the old commenting structure. Threaded comments will make it easier to follow the conversations which has lots of comments. Also, to note that user will be notified whenever someone responds to their comment.

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