Facebook introduces new way of searching with “Facebook Graph Search”

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Facebook few days ago introduced a new way of searching information on its social network. It introduced “Graph Search” which includes four areas, People, Places, Photos and Interests. With this new search, you can search information shared by your friends and also the public information available that time on Facebook network.


The new search focuses towards people and places so it can be used for “Dating online” finding out who is interested in your area and also, during travelling it can be used to find out who is in that particular area among your friends or friends of friends.

Some of the common things that can be searched are like “Peoples who Like Pizza”, extending it to search “People who like pizza and live is New York”.

Although the new “Facebook Graph Search” is limited beta program for English (US) audiences.

This time Facebook is onto more complex search algorithm and its filtering the search results for each member based on more specific phrase, like location, food habit and also likes.

This sort of search is more like a structured/semantic search as now search engines can go more specific with how people, things and places links with each other. With this now the advertisers can also target specific audiences based on place, habits, etc.

Currently the “Graph search” is in beta stage, lets wait and watch, till the fully functional version is out.

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